Natural Pain Relief Goes Much Further


Natural pain relief is different from medical painrelief. Medical painrelief works by blocking the brain's message from the pain site. This can cause liver damage, as well as toxic effects on thebody, and may even hinder the healing process. Your body will not limit movement if it doesn't feel thepain. This can make the problem worse. 

Homeopathy can provide natural pain relief. It is now less importantto care for the affected area. It beginsto decrease. 

Your body uses pain in an extremely intelligent way. It doesn't matter thecause of the pain, it just makes you notice. 

In the days before the internet and the human body becamedecentralized, pain was accepted as an indicator that your life wasn't perfect. It was a sign that youwere not living in wholeness. 

People who are empowered by their inner connection willfeel less pain when they listen to and take care of their bodies. It's not necessary. So that they don't have to deal with the health risksassociated with unhealthy food, people don't eat food they are told is unsafe. People are more alert to dangers and can take preventivemeasures before an emergency occurs. 

This is a rare occurrence in the modern world. These are statistics oncommon painkillers, which are safe for most people. 

A New England Journal of Medicine article states that"common over-the-counter painkillers are responsible for more than 16,000deaths per year." This figure is only for deaths in the United States. This makes one wonder about the global numbers. This number is higher than combined deaths due to caraccidents, heroin and cocaine. 

The report states that if deaths due to gastrointestinaltoxic effects of non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), were separatelytabulated in the National Vital Statistics reports, they would be the 15thleading cause of death in the United States. These toxic effects arestill largely a silent epidemic, with most doctors and patients not being awareof the severity of the problem. 

MedPageToday reports "NSAIDs, such as low-doseAspirin, are responsible for a third of all deaths and hospitalizationsassociated with GI bleeding." 

Shane Ellison, a former pharmaceutical chemist, statesthat "NSAID drugs such as Vioxx (supposedly safe up until thousands ofusers began having heart attacks), Celebrex and Motrin, Ibuprofen, and aspirinare today's top killers!" 

It may feel like that, but how can you manage pain now,even though you are the one causing it? What natural pain relief is available that is safe, effective,and non-toxic? 

This is how I handle pain. 

Today I was trying to extract the coconut's flesh. I didn't pay attention towhat was going on and the knife fell and pierced my hand with force. It was very well embedded as I pulled it out. 

It was very painful, and I felt quite shaken. However, Iimmediately went to my emergency homeopathic remedies which are always at mydisposal. I took theprescribed remedy and was able continue my work, although with greater care.   



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